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17 to 10 fathoms, and vessels drawing 20 feet can advance half-way up the bay. The seat of government is the town of Sandakan, situated just inside the mouth, of the Sarwaka inlet. At Silam, on Darvel Bay, there is good

with a very irregular outline broken by the mouths of numerous creeks and streams. The mouth, only two miles across, is split into two channels by the little island of Balhala. The depth in the main entrance varies from


Railways open

English Miles 100 Kilometres 200 3?° Railways under construction •

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Longitude East 1150 of Greenwich Map of Borneo. ancnorage; and Kudat, in Marudu Bay, discovered, by Commander Johnstone of H.M.S. Bgerta m 1881, is a small but valuable harbour. On Gaya Bay stands Jesselton, the principal coast terminus of the railway (110 miles in length), in course of construction along th‘e coast from Weston, in Padas Bay, whence the

line is already open to Beaufort on the Padas river, a distance of twenty miles. From Beaufort the line runs along the right bank of the Padas river through the gorge from Bayoh to Tenom, a distance of about twelve miles. A road to Tenom down the whole length of the Pagalan valley, which will connect a large tract of country