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ale. Allsopp’s breweries, cooperages, mailings, &c., at New grammar-school buildings have been erected and the Burton, cover an area of 43 acres, exclusive of land for Lathbury Institute has been established. The Church water-beds, and they employ about 1300 hands. Area, Schools Company has a good school here. The corporation 4025 acres. Population (1881), 39,288 ; (1891), 46,047 ; owns the waterworks, which have recently been extended. (1901), 50,386; of parliamentary division (1891), 58,640; The town is well lighted by electricity. Area, 2394 acres ;; population (1881), 16,111; (1901), 16,255. (1901), 61,787. Busch, Julian Hermann Moritz (1821Burtscheid, a town of Prussia, in the Rhine 1900), German writer, was born in Dresden. He studied province. See Aix-la-Chapelle. theology in Leipzig, being destined for the ministry, but from Bum (Dutch, Boeroe or Boeloe), an island of the East 1847 devoted himself entirely to journalism and literature. Indian archipelago, belonging to the residency of After the revolution he went to America, but soon returned Amboyna, between 3° 4' and 3° 50' S. lat., and 125 58 to Germany, and published an account of his travels. and 127° 15' E. long. Area, 3396 square miles. The During the next years he travelled extensively in the chief geological formations are crystalline slate near the East, writing numerous books on Egypt, Palestine, north coast, and more to the south Mesozoic sandstone &c. From 1856 he was employed on Grenzboteny and chalk, deposits of rare occurrence in the archipelago. one of the most influential German periodicals, which, Lake Wakolo, altitude 2200 feet, is not a crater lake, under the editorship of Gustav Ereytag, had become the but is situated at the junction of the sandstone and slate, organ of the Nationalist party. In 1864 he became closely where the water, having worn away the former, was connected with the Augustenburg party in Schleswigaccumulated by the latter. The lake has no affluents and Holstein, but after 1866 he transferred his services to the only one outlet, the Wai Nibe to the north. The island Prussian Government, and was employed in a semi-official is divided into two districts. Timber is the only export capacity in the newly-conquered province of Hanover. in addition to cajeput oil. The total population is estimated From 1870 onwards he was one of Bismarck’s press agents, at 10,000. and was at the chancellor’s side in this capacity during Bumjird, a province of Persia, bounded on the the whole of the campaign of 1870-71. In 1878 he pubW. by LurisUn, on the N. by Nehavend and Malayir, lished the first of his works on Bismarck—a book called on the E. by Irak, and on the S. by Isfahan. It is Bismarck und seine Leute, in which, under the form of divided into the following administrative divisions, town extracts from his diary, he gave an account of the of Bunijird with villages in immediate neighbourhood ; chancellor’s life during the war. The vividness of the Silakhor (upper and lower) ; J&palak (with Sar-lek and descriptions and the cleverness with which the conversations Burbanid); nomad Bakhtiari. It has a population of about were reported insured a success, and the work was trans250,000 or 300,000, and pays a yearly revenue of about lated into several languages. This was followed in 1885 <£16,000. It is very fertile and produces much wheat, by another book, Unser Reichskanzler, chiefly dealing with barley, and rice, also some opium. With improved means the work in the Foreign Office in Berlin. After Bismarck’s of transport, which would allow the growers to export, the death there appeared, this time in England, a work produce of cereals could easily be trebled. Bukujikd, the entitled, Bismarck: some Secret Pages of his History, in capital, is situated in the fertile Sikiklior plain on the river which was reprinted the whole of the earlier works, but Tahii a tributary of the Dizful or Ab i Diz (which flows which contains in addition a considerable amount of new to the Persian Gulf), in 33° 55' K lat. and 48° 55' E. long, matter, passages from the earlier works which had been at an elevation of 5315 feet. It is 70 miles by road from omitted because of the attacks they contained on people in Hamadan, and 212 miles from Isfahan. It has a population high position, records of later conversations, and some imof about 25,000, and manufactures various cotton stuffs portant letters and documents which had been entrusted (coarse prints, carpet covers) and felts (principally sauce- to him by Bismarck. Many passages were of such a pan-shaped hats for Lurs and Bakhtiari), of which nature that it could not be safely published in Germany, considerable quantities are exported. It has telegraph but in 1899 a German edition appeared differing considerably from the English editions. and post offices. Buschtiehrad, a market town in Bohemia, Bury, a civil parish, municipal (1876), county (1888), and parliamentary borough, and market town of Lancashire, Austria, about 10 miles N.W. of Prague, the centre of England, on the Irwell, about 2 miles from its confluence extensive coal-fields, formerly the private property of the with the Roach, 188 miles by rail N.N.W. of London. It emperor of Austria. There is also an imperial brewery, is situated on the Manchester, Bury, and Bolton Canal. which produces about 20,000 hectolitres of beer annually, The corporation consists of a mayor, 10 aldermen, and 30 and an imperial chateau. Population (Czech) (1890), councillors. Modern erections include an Established 3267; (1900), 3510. church, a Roman Catholic church, the town hall, an art Bush.—This term is Anglicized from the French word gallery and public library, a hospital, a technical school houche, and is used in mechanics for designating the (£22 000), the Textile Operatives’ Hall, a theatre, new internal pipe or lining frequently used in connexion with markets and abattoirs. There are 5 recreation grounds, a wheel or pulley; or it may be used with reference to a formed since 1886. Electric lighting has been introduced. pipe inserted in a plate frame or cast bracket, in order to In 1891 there were 3466 males and 7240 females engaged form a bearing for a shaft to rotate in. in the manufacture of cotton goods; 698 males and 131 Bushes are employed because it is found that frictional surfaces,, females in calico printing, dyeing, and bleaching; 1377 if made of dissimilar metals, work together with less loss in friction males and 3 females in the iron and steel manufacture. and with much less risk of abrasion. Mild steel plate is now in Area of municipal and county borough, 5836 acres; popu- very general use for structural purposes, and spindles and shattmg used in connexion therewith are similarly made of mild steel. iMs lation (1881), 54,717; (1891), 57,212; (1901), 58,028. material, however, abrades very readily ; and it is the invariable custom with good work to bush or line the holes forming earing Bury St Edmunds, a municipal and parlia- with bronze or other metal than mild steel. In the case o ^ , mentary borough—coextensive and now returning one and axles, the wheels are bushed with a metal liner dissimilar to mat member—of Suffolk, England, 26 miles N.W. of Ipswich ' of which the axle is made ; and hard cast steel, cast iron, hara or by rail, on the river Lark and the Great Eastern railway. i soft bronzes, or white metal are variously used in cases where me