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The headquarters of the Meet Committee will be located at the Hotel Brunswick, corner of Boylston and Clarendon streets. The same will be formally opened on Monday, August 14th, at 4 P. M., and will remain open until 9 P. M., and will be open each day thereafter until the close of the Meet from 7.45 A. M. till P. M., except on Saturday, the final day, when headquarters will be closed at 4 P. M.

The chairman or member in charge of the various committees will be in attendance at headquarters each day. Bulletins will be published from time to time, giving additional entertainment which may occur beyond that in the regular programme. The registration and distribution of souvenirs will begin at the opening hour on Monday and continue throughout the week. The membership committee, which is not as yet announced will also be in attendance and will be designated by badges bearing the name.


The attention of visiting wheelmen, holding excursion tickets from points in Trunk Line and Central Passenger Association Territory, is called to the fact that tickets must be disposited with the Boston city ticket agent of the initial line (first returning coupon) on or before August 19, and on payment of a fee of 50 cents, such tickets will be extended for continuous return passage, to arrive at destination not later than August 31, 1899.

Certificates of Western Passenger Association must be deposited with Henry C. Nickerson, Meet headquarters, Hotel Brunswick, on or before Friday, August 18, for proper endorsement.

The L. A. W. National Championship Races.

Under L. A. W. sanction and rules.
$5,000.00 in Prizes.

The races will be held on the third-mile track at Charles River Park, Harvard Bridge, ten minutes' ride from headquarters, on Wednesday 3 P. M., Thursday 3 P. M., Friday 8 P. M. (electric light meet), and Saturday 2.30 P.M. The Park can be reached by trolley cars from all parts of the city and there will be runs from headquarters at 2 P. M. each day. Wheels can be checked inside the grounds. Tickets may be secured at Cashin's Ticket Office, Hotel Brunswick (headquarters), and Young's Hotel. Secure your seats early and avoid disappointment.

General admission 50 cents; Reserved seats in Grand Stand 450 cents; Box seats in Grand Stand $1.50; Boxes (6 seats) $6.00

Special Amateur and Professional Races to be announced daily.

The Committee reserves the right to decline any entry, and to change the list of events

The Middle-Distance Championship is based on six entries, and more or less will change the race as scheduled.

The Inter-City Team Pursuit Race is based on three or more teams entered. Should there be but two, the second prize will be withdrawn.

The teams in all team races shall consist of three men each,

Tours and Runs.

All the runs will start from Copley Square promptly at the time stated.

It is the request of the Committee that those that attend the runs will please comply with the orders issued by those in charge "and pass the same down the line," and ride as directed, either by two's or four's, and not spread out all over the road; by doing this it will add greatly to the comfort, convenience and safety of those that participate.

Frequent halts will be made along the routes, and the pace it is hoped will be satisfactory to all. In dismounting or withdrawing from line be sure and notify persons back of you, to avoid collision and accident. Where there are two or three runs starting from Copley Square within a short time of each other, to avoid confusion the number of the run will be marked on the sidewalk in chalk and their destination. If there should be a large attendance on these runs they will be run in sections a short distance apart from each other. Watch the bulletin board at headquarters for any change in programme or new special runs that may be proposed.

Monday, August 14.

Special harbor excursions at greatly reduced rates for League Members only.

Bass Point.—Steamers leave Lincoln Wharf 9.30, 11.00 A. M., 12.80, 2.20, 8.80, 6.00, 6.80 and 8.15 P. M. Round trip 80 cents.

Nahant.—Lincoln Wharf 9.80, 11.00 A. M., 12.30, *2.20, *3.80, 5.00 and 6.30 P. M. Round trip 80 cents.
*Except Sundays

Winthrop.—Wharf 400 Atlantic Ave., 7.10, 7.40, 8.20, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00 A. M., 12.00 M., 1.00, 3.00, 4.00, 4.45, 5.80 and 6.10 P. M. Fare for round trip 10 cents.

Plymouth.—Wharf 400 Atlantic Ave., 10.00 A. M., arrive at Plymouth 1.00 P. M. Return, leave Plymouth 8.80 P. M., arrive at Boston 6.30 P. M. Round trip 65 cents.

Salem Willows.—Wharf 400 Atlantic Ave., 10.30 A. M. and 1.30 P. M. Return, leaving Willows 3.00 P. M. and 6.00 P. M. Round trip 35 cents.

Gloucester and Cape Ann.—North side of Central Wharf (foot of State St.) 10.00 A. M., 2.00 and 4.45 P. M. Return, leaving Gloucester 3.00 and 7.30 A. M., and 2.00 P. M. Round trip 50 cents.

Provincetown.—Commercial Wharf, 9.00 A. M. Return, arriving at Boston 8.00 P. M. Round trip 70 cents.