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——————————Programme Concluded——————————

7.30 a. m. Leave Copley Square for a run to Plymouth, the landing-place of the Pilgrims. The distance is about forty-two miles and fairly good riding the greater part of the way. The route takes you through Upham's Corner, Neponset, Wollaston, Quincey, Weymouth, Asamippi, Hanover Four Corners, Kingston, to Plymouth, taking dinner at the Samoset House. This is an interesting old town. One should visit the Museum, Old Burying Ground, and, of course, Plymouth Rock. The steamer for Boston leaves at 3.30. Fare 75 cents.

RUN No. 25.

Jas. E. Hurter, N. L. Rush, D. T. Morine, in charge.

9.00 a. m. Leave Copley Square for an all-day run to South Natick, via a circuitous route, visiting Echo Bridge and through the Wellesley College grounds to Bailey's Hotel, South Natick. In the afternoon visit the famous Hunnewell Gardens and stop at the out-of-town grounds of the Boston Athletic Association at Riverside, and at Norumbega Park for supper and attend the outdoor theatricals and home in the late evening.

1.30 P. M. Run to Charles River Park.

2.30 P. M. National Championship Races at Charles River Park. Band concert by Cambridge Manual Training School Band.

Amateur Events.

One Mile National Championship.' L. A. W. Medals, Gold $30, Silver $15, Bronze $5.

Two Mile Handicap. Diamond $35, Watch $20, Bicycle Suit $10, Silk Umbrella $5.

Three Mile Inter-Division Championship. $35 Trophy to the L. A. W. Division winning, and three $25 Gold Medals to team.

Professional Events.

One Mile National Championship. $200, $100, $50.

Five Mile Inter-City Team Pursuit. $150, $90, provided three or more teams enter.

Two Mile Handicap. $100, $50, $25, $15.

Final, 20 Mile Middle-Distance National Championship $850, $300, $75.

Special Amateur and Professional Races to be announced.

RUN No. 26.

S. Wolfson, H. E. Stevens, G. F. Newhall, F. O. Hatch, F. B. Perkins, A. C. Mahon, R. M. Dimock, in charge.


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Bicycle Sundries,
etc., etc.

William Read
& Sons

ESTABLISHED 1896 107 Washington St., Boston

7.00 p. m. Leave Copley Square for a moonlight run to Norumbega Park to attend the out-door theatricals, going out by the way of Longwood, Brighton, Oak Square, Newton, West Newton, Auburndale, to the Park, and return via Newton boulevard direct to Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and then via Beacon street to Boston, Distance, twenty miles. This run will meet those returning from Natick run and all home together.


For the accommodation of the ladies that do not care to go on the regular trips these runs are called, and are for short distances and for their special benefit, and will be in charge of the following ladies of the Bostonian Cycle Club: Miss Ida Harrison, Mrs. Delia Broderick, Miss E. Ohman, Miss Delia Fitzgerald and Mrs. Annie E. Worcester.

RUN No. 27.

9.30 a. m. Tuesday. Leave Copley Square for a run to Marine Park, South Boston, via Massachusetts avenue, Swett street, Dorchester street, Ninth street, etc., to City Point, where an hour or so can be spent, with good sea breezes and a fine view of the harbor. Distance six miles.

RUN No. 28.

9.30 a. m. Wednesday. Leave Copley Square for a run to Harvard College, Longfellow's Home, Washington Elm and Old Powder House. Distance about ten miles.

RUN No. 29.

9.00 a. m. Thursday. Leave Copley Square for a run to Chestnut Hill, Newton Centre, Waban, to Echo Bridge and Hemlock Gorge Reservation, and return through Brookline Woodlands and Jamaica Plain and Park System. Distance about fifteen miles.

RUN No. 30

2.00 p. m. Friday. Leave Copley Square for a run through the Park System to Mattapan and to Blue Hill, over excellent roads, and from the top of the hill can be had a fine view of the surrounding country, an easy climb and well worth taking in. Distance twenty miles.