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The Woman was so determined to be independent of Man that she voluntarily became the slave of a Machine.

Note. — I do not understand the meaning of the Fabulist here.— H. B. J.

"She used to be so fresh; but she is gone off terribly since I first knew her!" said the Slug of the Strawberry.

Note. — See my remark on the last parable. — H. B. J.

"Now, I call that downright Plagiarism!" observed the Ass, when he heard the Lion roar.

"A cheery laugh goes a long way in this world!" remarked the Hyena.

"But a bright smile goes further still!" said the Alligator, as he took him in.

Note.—If the honble Philosopher is censuring here merely the assumption of hilarity and not ordinary quiet facetiousness, I am entirely with