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(Symbol missingSanskrit characters)

The last two lines are corrupt. In case Vedâmaravidhau should be the correct reading, the date of the composition of the commentary would be 1412.

R. 15. 62.

79 leaves, in oblong 8vo. ; Indian paper ; Devânagari character. Handwriting of the middle of the 17th century. Foll, १, २९, ३०, ८३, is wanting ; २७ is apparently wanting, but is only passed over in numbering.

Devîmâhdtmya, with a commentary by an unknown author (B) .

Chapter 1.

—Madhukaițabhavadha, fol. 16a (A. fol. 16b).[1] 2.

Mahishâsurasainyavadha, fol. 24b (A. 25a). 8. Mahishâsuravadha (A. 28b). The three last verses of this chapter, and the seven first of the following, are wanting in B. 4. Ṣakrâdistuti, fol. 38a. (A. 35b.). 5. Dûtasaṃivâda, fol 47a. (A. 44b.). 6. Dhûmralochanavadha, fol. 49b. (A. 46a.) 7. Chaṇmuṇḍavadha, fol. 53a. (A. 48b.). 8. Baktavijavadha, fol. 62a. (A. 54b.) 9. Niṣumbhavadha, fol 66a. (A. 57b.). 10. Ṣumbhavadha, fol. 69b. (A. 60b.). 11. Nârâyaṇîstuti, fol. 77a. (A. 70a.) 12. Bhagavatîprasâdayâkya, fol 80b. (Phalastuti, A. 74b ). 13. The three last verses wanting.

No due to the name of the commentator is afforded by a notice at the end of the second chapter :

(Symbol missingSanskrit characters), etc.

  1. Both the text and the gloss begin on fol. 2a.