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(Symbol missinglanguage characters)); the Chârachintâmaṇi, fol. 23a., 24b., 27a.; a Chhandaḥṣâstra, fol. 10b.; Jîvadatta, fol. 25a.; bhaṫṫa-Balabhadra, fol. 302a.; Brahmagupta ; a Brahmauddhântabhâshya; Bhâgvatapurâṇa; Vâgvaṭa, fol. 255b. ((Symbol missinglanguage characters)) ;Vishṇugupta, fol. 202a.; the Vishṇupurâṇa; Vîra- bhadra, fol 302b. ((Symbol missinglanguage characters) Ṣrîpatibhaṭṭa ; Ṣrî- sheṇa; a Saṃgîta, fol. 10b.; the Mâdhavlya Siddhântachûdâmaṇi, fol. 287a.; Suṣruta; Sûryasiddhânta.

Compare Weber's Catalogue of the Berlin MSS., p. 235.

R. 15. 115.

46 leaves, in folio ; Indian paper ; Bengali character. Copied in the beginning of this century.

A fragment of the Gâṇitâdhydâya, with Lakahmîddâa's commentary. Begins: (Symbol missinglanguage characters) See Calcutta edit, of 1842, p. 12. Ends with the sûtra (Symbol missinglanguage characters) ibid, p. 29. This corresponds with fol. 12b. 1. 3, up to fol. 29a. 1. 7 of the preceding MS.

R. IS. 116. 10 leaves, in oblong folio; Indian paper; Bengali character. Copied at the end of last century.

The Bhagrahayutyadhikâra, on the conjunction of the planets