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A fine edition of his works has been published in two volumes 4 to.; besides which, we find—

A Letter from a Nobleman abroad to his Friend in England.” 1722.[1]

Lord Lansdown being confined in the Tower in the same room in which sir Robert Walpole had been prisoner, and had left his name on the window, wrote these lines under it:

“Good unexpected, evil unforeseen,
Appear by turns, as Fortune shifts the scene:
Some rais’d aloft, come tumbling down again,
And fall so hard, they bound and rise again.”

[Lord Lansdown, who descended from a family which traced its ancestry to the first duke of Normandy, was himself grandson of the famous sir Bevil Granville, who lost his life so heroically at the battle of Lansdown in 1643.[2] He received his first tincture of education in France under the tuition of sir William Ellis, a man of letters. In 1677, in the tenth year of his age, he was entered at Trinity-col-

  1. Somers’s Tracts, fourth coll. vol. iv. p. 416.
  2. A volume of elegiac verses on the death of this loyalist was printed at Oxford, and reprinted at London, in 1684. It comprised the contributions of many minor poets of the time.