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should undertake to adapt and popularize his author, by doing away with his technical and philosophical terms? But these writings contain a system of philosophy more profound and vast than any and all systems of man's devising. How much less justifiable would it be, then, so to attempt to popularize the standard text of such a system. The place to adapt and apply the teaching of an author, especially such an author, is not in the translation of his writings, but in books and teachings in elucidation and exposition of them.

It may not be out of place to guard the reader against any supposition that the title " Compendium " is intended to involve the idea of condensation, and that the whole substance, or anything more than a general view, and example, of the author's teaching is here given. So far is this from being the case, that there are even very many topics of great interest that could not be included in a volume like this. He who is interested to know the scope and depth of these teachings should study the writings themselves. Nor let him be appalled at the magnitude of the undertaking. For they are as full of varied and most interesting matter everywhere as in the extracts given in this volume; and he will come to rejoice, more and more, that the field is so wide before him.

S. M. W.

Besides a somewhat extensive revision, and correction of errors that had escaped notice in the former edition, the present volume is enriched by a considerable number of important additional extracts appearing in nearly every chapter; by an interesting biographical sketch of Swedenborg from the pen of the Hon. John Bigelow; and an admirable likeness, engraved in his best manner, by Mr. S. A. Schoff, expressly for this work.