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The Nature of the Fall 7
Loss of Internal Perception by the Fall 28
The Image of God not actually Destroyed in Man 29
External Respiration, and the Origin of Verbal Language by the Fall 29
The Fall was Gradual and Successive 30
The Nature and Extent of Hereditary Evil 31


The Divine Human from Eternity 32
The Lord's Appearance on Earth before the Incarnation, as an Angel 33
The very Infinite cannot be manifested otherwise than by the Divine Human 34
The Incarnation 35
Jehovah God descended as to Divine Truth, and was said to be Born 37
Yet did not separate the Divine Good 38
Reasons for the Incarnation 38
Why it is said that Jesus proceeded forth and came from God, and was sent 44
The Lord's Hereditary Evil 45
The Lord made His Human Divine by His own Might 46
The Glorification 47
The Glorification was fully completed by the Passion of the Cross 48
The Lord, in Glorification, did not transmute or change His Human Nature into Divine, but put off the Human and put on the Divine 49
The Lord did not acknowledge Mary as His Mother, because He put off the Human derived from her 49
The Lord's Whole Life was a Continual Temptation and Victory 51
The Lord was Tempted even by Angels 52
How the Lord bore the Iniquities of All 53
The Use of the Lord's Temptations 55
The Lord's Glorification is imaged in Man's Regeneration 58
The Resurrection 58
The Redemption 61
The Lord thus redeemed not only Man, but the Angels 63
Without Redemption Wickedness would spread throughout all Christendom in both Worlds 65
Redemption could not be effected but by God Incarnate 65
False Views of the Atonement 66
The true meaning of Mediation, Intercession, Atonement, and Propitiation 67
How the Lord fulfilled the whole Law 69
All Power in the Heavens and on Earth given to the Lord 71
The Lord governs all Things from first Principles by means of Ultimates 72
Meaning of the Phrases Son of God and Son of Man 72
Various Names of the Lord 73