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done. That it might be known therefore that this was said prophetically, it is added, "Is not this written in the book of Jasher?" But yet that there was a light to them out of heaven, like the light of the sun in Gibeon, and a light as of the moon in the valley of Ajalon, is not to be doubted. (A. E. n. 401.)


Magic Sorcery and Enchantments.

By the Egyptians the representatives and significatives of the Ancient church, which church had also existed among them, were turned into magic. For by the representatives and significatives of the church at that time there was communication with heaven; which communication was among those who lived in the good of charity, and with some of them was open. But with those who did not live in the good of charity, but in the opposites of charity, there was sometimes open communication with evil spirits, who perverted all the truths, and destroyed together with them the goods of the church. Thence magic originated. This may even be seen from the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, which they also employed in sacred things; for they signified spiritual things by them, and perverted Divine order. Magic is nothing else than a perversion of order; especially it is the abuse of correspondences. (A. C. n. 6692.)

In ancient times many kinds of infernal arts called magic were practised, of which some are enumerated in the Word; as in Deut. xviii. 9-11. There were also enchantments among them, whereby they induced affections and pleasures which another could not resist. This was effected by sounds and secret voices, which they either produced or murmured, and which by analogous correspondences had communication with the will of another, and excited his affection and fascinated him to will, think, and act in a certain manner and not otherwise. Such enchantments indeed the prophets had a knowledge of, and also practised, and excited good affections, hearing, and obedience, by them; and these enchantments in a good sense are mentioned in the Word by Isaiah iii. 1-3, 20; xxvi. 16; Jer. viii. 17; and by David, in Psalm lviii. 4, 5. But because by such speakings and murmurings evil affections were excited by the evil, and enchantments thus became magical, they also are enumerated among the magical arts, and severely prohibited; as in Deut. xviii. 9-11; Isaiah xlvii. 9, 12; Rev. xviii. 23; xxii. 15. (A. E. n. 590.)

Sorcerers are those who pervert Divine order, that is the laws of order. Sorcery and magic are nothing else, as is evident from sorcerers; and especially in the other life, where they abound. For they who have practised cunning in the life of the