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Bridegroom, and Husband, and the church the bride, and wife. From this marriage the church is a church, in general and in particular. The church in particular is a man in whom the church exists. It is therefore evident, that the conjunction of the Lord with the man of the church is the very origin of love truly conjugial. But it shall be explained how that conjunction can be the origin. The conjunction of the Lord with the man of the church is the conjunction of good and truth. Good is from the Lord, and truth is with man; and from this comes the conjunction which is called the heavenly marriage. From this marriage love truly conjugial arises between a wedded pair who are in such conjunction with the Lord. From this it is plain, first, that love truly conjugial is from the Lord alone; and that it is with those who are in the conjunction of good and truth from the Lord. Because this conjunction is reciprocal, it is described by the Lord that "they are in Him and He in them" (John xiv. 20). This conjunction or this marriage was thus established from creation; the man was so created that he might be an understanding of truth, and the woman, that she might be an affection of good, that accordingly the man might be truth and the woman good. When the understanding of truth which is with the man makes one with the affection of good which is with the woman, there is a conjunction of the two minds into one. This conjunction is the spiritual marriage from which conjugial love descends; for when two minds are so conjoined that they become as one mind, there is love between them. This love, which is the love of spiritual marriage, when it descends into the body becomes the love of natural marriage. That this is so any one if he will may clearly perceive. A married pair who mutually and reciprocally love each other inwardly, in mind, also mutually and reciprocally love each other as to their bodies. It is known, that all love descends into the body from an affection of the mind; and that without this origin no love exists. (A. E. n. 983.)

When good united to truth flows down from the Lord into a lower sphere it forms a union of minds; when into a still lower, it forms a marriage. Actual conjugial love is therefore a union of minds from good united to truth from the Lord. (A. C. n. 2728.)

There cannot be wisdom in man except by the love of being wise. A man can by no means be wise if this love is taken away. Wisdom from this love is meant by the truth of good, or truth from good. But when a man has obtained wisdom and loves it in himself, or loves himself on account of it, he forms a

    there recorded, the man was first created, and the woman from the man; but after a manner involved in that account, "interiorly understood," as he says below (p. 459) of the formation of the woman into a wife after marriage.