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Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

as good as was reasonable to expect. The occupation of the railroads in the transportation of troops and munitions of war has interfered with the collection of the desired supply of bacon, but no complaint of insufficiency of rations has reached me until within a few days past. I have been informed of a failure of issues to troops at Manassas; the chief commissary there has communicated to me that the failure was restricted to the articles of hard bread and bacon. As this, however, was not consistent with the complaint made, inquiries have been instituted as well to remedy any existing irregularities as to prevent such occurrence in future.

Jeff'n Davis.

Richmond, August 3, 1861.

To the President of Congress of Confederate States.

Sir: I have reliable information that a considerable force of Missourians now coöperating with our troops near the northern frontier of Arkansas are destitute of the supplies necessary to their efficiency, and that the enemy have such power within the limits of the State as to deprive its Government of the capacity to give to said force the necessary relief. Under these circumstances I recommend the enactment of a law appropriating, say one million of dollars, to supply the Missourians who are or may be coöperating with us with such clothing, subsistence, arms, and ammunition as may be necessary for them, and which it may be practicable to furnish. The same to be supplied under such regulations as Congress may determine.

Jeff'n Davis.

Executive Department,
August 8, 1861.

Hon. Howell Cobb, President of the Congress.

Sir: I herewith transmit to the Congress the inclosed communication from the Hon. Secretary of War, recommending certain appropriations therein mentioned.

Jefferson Davis.