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Provisional Congress.

and experience has suggested that many of the officers so appointed are unequal to the duties of their stations.

For these reasons, I hope that when you take the subject into reconsideration, you will be able to concur with me in the opinion that this additional expenditure can be avoided, and that there is no necessity for the passage of the bill.

Jefferson Davis.

[Received August 22, 1861.]


By the President of the Confederate States.


Whereas, the Congress of the Confederate States of America did by an act approved on the 8th day of August, 1861, entitled "An Act respecting alien enemies," make provision that proclamation should be issued by the President in relation to alien enemies, and in conformity with the provision of said act:

Now, therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, do issue this my proclamation; and I do hereby warn and require every male citizen of the United States of the age of fourteen years and upward now within the Confederate States and adhering to the Government of the United States and acknowledging the authority of the same, and not being a citizen of the Confederate States, to depart from the Confederate States within forty days from the date of this proclamation. And I do warn all persons above described who shall remain within the Confederate States after the expiration of said period of forty days that they will be treated as alien enemies.

Provided, however, That this proclamation shall not be considered as applicable during the existing war to citizens of the United States residing within the Confederate States with intent to become citizens thereof, and who shall make a declaration of such intention in due form, acknowledging the authority of this Government; nor shall this proclamation be considered as extending to the States of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, the District of Columbia, the Territories of Arizona and New