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Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, do proclaim that martial law is hereby extended over the city of Petersburg and the adjoining and surrounding country to the distance of ten miles; and I do proclaim the suspension of all civil jurisdiction (with the exception of that of the Mayor of the city, and that enabling the courts to take cognizance of the probate of wills, the administration of the estates of deceased persons, the qualifications of guardians, to enter decrees and orders for the partitioning and sale of property, to make orders concerning roads and bridges, to assess county levies, and to order the payment of county dues), and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus within the said city and surrounding country to the distance aforesaid.

[L. S.] In faith whereof, I have hereunto signed my name and set my seal on the 8th day of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two.

Jefferson Davis.

II. William Pannill is appointed Provost Marshal, and is charged with the due execution of the foregoing proclamation. He will forthwith establish an efficient military police, and will enforce the following orders:

All distillation of spirituous liquors is positively prohibited, and the distilleries will forthwith be closed. The sale of spirituous liquor of any kind is also prohibited, and the establishments for the sale thereof will be closed.

III. All persons infringing the above prohibition will suffer such punishment as shall be ordered by the sentence of a court-martial, provided that no sentence to hard labor for more than one month shall be inflicted by the sentence of a regimental court-martial, as directed in the 67th Article of War.

By command of the Secretary of War.

S. Cooper, Adjutant and Inspector General.

General Orders No. 15.

War Department,
Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
March 14, 1862.

I. The following proclamation is published for the information of all concerned: