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First Congress.

dation, and the consequent discharging of tried and meritorious officers, will obviously be increased by all legislative action permitting new organizations to be formed of men who, by the provisions of the conscript law, were directed to be incorporated into existing companies and regiments.

Jefferson Davis.

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the Confederate States.

I herewith transmit a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury in relation to the fiscal affairs of our Government, and invite for its statements your attention.

The propriety of providing for the payment of every loan or use of Government credit by an adequate tax is too obvious to require argument.

Though the day of payment may be postponed, as, to some extent, in the conduct of great wars, it must, still there must be such assurance of future payment as to maintain the credit of the Government or there will be a consequent depreciation of its currency and a proportionate increase of the burthen which the people must have hereafter to bear.

I trust it will be possible for the wisdom of Congress in some manner to secure the result sought for in the propositions submitted by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Jefferson Davis.

Executive Office, Richmond, October 8th, 1862.

Richmond, Va., October 8, 1862.

To the Senate.

I herewith transmit a communication from the Secretary of War, correcting mistakes in certain nominations recently sent in, to which I invite your special attention.

Jefferson Davis.

Richmond, Va., Oct. 8, 1862.

To the Senate.

I herewith transmit a communication from the Secretary of War, in response to your resolution of the 1st instant, submitting copies of all orders which have been issued from the War Department suspending the writ of habeas corpus.

It will be observed that in some cases, in addition to the sus-