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Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

the law by many Senators, and I so far conform to their views as to give the Senate an opportunity to advise the Executive in relation to the appointment of this officer.

This statement was also necessary in explanation of the proposal that General Lawton's rank should date from the 13th of April, 1861, that being the date of his present commission of brigadier general in the Provisional Army.

Since the foregoing message was written I observe by the published proceedings of the Senate that it has adopted the following resolutions:

Resolved, That, in the opinion of the Senate, A. C. Myers is now Quartermaster General of the C. S. Army, and is by law authorized and required to discharge the duties thereof.

Resolved, That A. R. Lawton is not authorized by law to discharge the duties of said office.

Refraining from any further remark on these resolutions than the expression of my conviction that they are not sustained by the Constitution or the law, their passage enforces the propriety of submitting to you the nomination which accompanies this message.

Jefferson Davis.

Richmond, Va., Jan. 27, 1864.

To the Senate of the Confederate States.

In response to your resolution of the 20th inst., I herewith transmit a communication from the Secretary of the Treasury, conveying information relative to the Chief Collector of Taxes for the State of Louisiana.

Jefferson Davis.

Richmond, Va., January 29, 1864.

To the House of Representatives.

In response to your resolution of the 11th ultimo, I herewith transmit for your information a copy of my correspondence, together with that of the Secretary of War and of the Adjutant and Inspector General, with General Joseph E. Johnston during the months of May, June, and July, 1863, concerning his command and the operations in his department.

As the resolution fixes definitely the dates within which the cor-