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Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

information asked for relative to the returns of the company commanders of the Army for the clothing transferred to them for issue and distribution.

Jefferson Davis.

Richmond, Va., Feb. 17, 1864.

To the Senate and House of Representatives.

I herewith submit for your consideration a communication from the Secretary of the Navy, covering ah estimate for an additional appropriation required under an act approved on the 16th instant.

Jefferson Davis.


Richmond, Va., December 31, 1863.

To the Senate of the Confederate States of America.

The act entitled "An Act to amend an act entitled 'An Act to aid the State of Kentucky, and for other purposes,'" approved 29th of January, 1862, has been duly considered, and I find myself constrained, though very reluctantly, because of the purpose in view, to return the same to the House in which it originated with a statement of the objections which cause me to withhold my approval.

The act to which this is amendatory was for the declared object of aiding the Governor and Council of Kentucky to raise and organize troops in that State for the Confederate service, and to supply them with clothing, subsistence, transportation, arms, and ammunition. The second section of that act carefully provided the manner of making requisitions on the appropriation, so as to secure its application to the object for which it was designed — viz., to provide for troops raised for the Confederate service anterior to their being mustered into the same, and therefore before they could be supplied by the officers of the Confederate Army.

The act now before me devotes one-half of that appropriation to a purpose entirely different from that originally contemplated, and authorizes the Governor and Council to draw from the Treasury a million of dollars, to be expended in purchasing clothing