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First Congress.

until one-third of her cargo shall be laden for the use of the Government.

7. The rate of freight for articles other than cotton and tobacco shall be adjusted at the same relative rate and be payable in the same way.

8. The Government reserves the right to limit or prohibit the shipment of resin, turpentine, or any manufacture thereof, whenever deemed dangerous to its own shipment.

9. Upon the completion of the lading of the vessel, and before receiving her clearance, there shall be delivered to the collector, in addition to the usual manifest, another, setting forth the names, ages, and description of her officers and crew and of every passenger intending to sail in her. The said last-mentioned manifest shall be delivered to the commandant of the port, who shall thereupon cause the entire vessel to be searched, and if satisfied that the parties on board are persons who may safely be permitted to leave the Confederacy, and the passengers have the proper passports, he shall certify the same on the manifest and return the same to the collector, whereupon, and not before, a clearance shall be granted to the vessel, and she shall be permitted to sail.

10. The owners of each vessel and of each portion of a cargo sailing from a Confederate port shall be allowed to take up their respective bonds by producing to the collector the certificate of the proper agent of the Confederate Government at the port of delivery, setting forth the particulars showing that the said party has complied with the obligation of the said bond so far as the same was practicable; and the collector, upon being duly satisfied, shall be authorized to surrender the said bonds.

11. Nothing in these regulations shall be so construed as to conflict with the proviso of the law which declares "that nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit the Confederate States, or any of them, from exporting any of the articles herein enumerated on their own account;" nor shall a bond be required of a State in any case.

12. The penalties of all bonds executed in conformity with these regulations shall be recovered in full on proof of breach of the conditions of the bond, and without proof of any damage suffered by the Confederate States in consequence of such breach, and all