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Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

the foe with fresh defiance, with unconquered and unconquerable hearts.

Jeff'n Davis.

General Orders No. 3.

Adjt. and Insp. General's Office, Richmond, Va., February 6, 1865.

I. The following act of Congress is published for the information of the Army:

An Act to Provide for the Appointment of a General in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States.

Section 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact that there shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, an officer, who shall be known and designated as General in Chief, who shall be ranking officer of the Army, and as such shall have command of the military forces of the Confederate States.

Sec 2. That the act providing a staff for the general who may be assigned to duty at the seat of Government is hereby repealed, and that the General in Chief who may be appointed under the provisions of this act shall have a staff not less than that now allowed a general in the field, to be assigned by the President or to be appointed by him, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Approved January 23, 1865.

II. General Robert E. Lee, having been duly appointed General in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States, will assume the duties thereof, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

III. General Orders No. 23, of 1864, are hereby revoked.

By order:

S. Cooper, Adjutant and Inspector General.

President's Office, Richmond, Va., March 20, 1865.

To the Secretary of the Senate.

Sir: I have the honor, by direction of the President, to request that you furnish him at the earliest practicable moment with a transcript of the journal of the Senate beginning with the morning of the 16th inst., and continuing to the adjournment on the 18th. He desires a transcript of the executive and secret sessions as well as of the open sessions.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Burton N. Harrison, Private Secretary.