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CONTENTS. VOL. L PAGE Introduction, 1 BOOK I. CHAPTER I. Ancient India — The pre-historic period — Native sources of information — Other accounts — Invasion of India by Sesostris, Semiramis, Darius Hystaspes, Alexander the Great — Subsequent state of India, . . . 15 CHAPTER II. Medieval India — Arab conquests — First appearance of Mahometans in India— Conquest of Scinde by Mahomed Casira — Expulsion of the Arabs — House of Ghuznee — Sebektegiu — Sultan Mahmood, . 39 CHAPTER III. Medieval India continued- The Slave Kings— Eibuk or Kutb-u-din — Altamsh— Sultana Rezia — Mogul irruptions into India— Gheias-u-diu Biilbun — House of Khilji — Jelal-u-din— Proceedings in the Deccan— House of Toghlak — House of Lodi, . . 62 CHAPTER IV. Invasion of Tiraour or Tamerlaue — Battle of Delhi — Sack of Delhi — Khizr Khan, Timour's deputy — Independent kingdoms established on the ruins of the Delhi monarchy — Proceedings of Khizr Khan — His death — Moobarik, his son and successor — Syud Mahomed— Syud Ala-u-din — Afghan Lody dynasty — Bheilole Lody — Sikundur Lody — Ibrahim Lody — Extinction of the Lody Afghan dynasty, and renewal of that of the Moguls in the person of Baber, 94 CHAPTER V. Mogul dynasty — Life and reign of Baber — Hoomayoon— His expulsion and return — State of India at his death, 105 CHAPTER VL Reign of Akber 121 CHAPTER VIL Modern India— Changes in the mode of intercourse with the East— Monopolies establisheil by the Venetians, the Genoese, and other Italian republics— Doubling of the Cape of Good Hope — Portuguese progress in India U4