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Snow s. truth in ultimates, for s. is from water, which s. the truths of faith. A. R. 47. S., or ice, cor. to the state of those who are in truth without good, or faith without charity. N. J. D. 114. S., also, from whiteness, is pred. of truth. 8459.

Soar, WATERS of Sxow and PIT. (Job ix. 30.) Waters of s._den. truths which are or appear genuine; s. den. the good by which purifica- tion is efi'ected; and the pit den. the false. A. E. 475. .

SOCIETY. Every man as to his affections and consequent thou hts, is in s. with those who are in the world of spirits, and mediately t rough them with those who are either in heaven or in hell: the life of every man de ends upon that connection. A. R. 552. If any one in another life be epl‘lVed of the s. in which he is, he becomes at first, as it were, almost lifeless, his life at such times being sustained only by an influx of heaven into his interiors. 1506. Heaven is distincuished into innumer- able 5.; in like manner, hell, der. from an opp. principle; and the mind of every man according to his will and conse uent understanding, actu- ally dwells in one s. and intends and thinks in like manner with those who compose the s. C. S. L. 530. Every one afier death is bound to, or in fellowship with a certain s., and this immediately on his entering into the spiritual world; but a spirit in his first state knows nothing thereof; being then in his externals. and not as yet in internals. During his ex- ternal state, he wanders hither and thither, wheresoever he pleases; but still he is actually where his love is, that is, in s. with those who are in a similar love, while a spirit is in this state, he appears in many other places, and also everywhere as if present in body, but this is only an ap- pearance; wherefore as soon as evm- he is brought by the Lord into his

verning love, he immediately disappears from the sight of others, and IS amongst his like in the s. to which he is bound. L. J. 82. A whole an- gelic s. appears as one in a human form. But although all who are in one s. when together, appear as one in the likeness of aman, yet one . is not a like man as another, for they are distinguished one from another, as human faces from one stock. H. and H. 68—70. Every 3. of heaven daily increases, and as it increases it becomes more perfect; thus not only that s. is erfected, but also heaven in common, because 3. constitute heaven. 1. and II. 71.

SOCINIANS and ARIANS, the, although they do not deny the Lord, yet as they deny his divinity, they are without heaven and cannot be re- ceived by any angelic. seciety. A. E. 77 .

Socxnrs of GOLD. To be encompassed with s. of g. (Exod. xxviii. 13) s. to be continued from good, and der. existence and subsistence. 9847.

SODOM den. all evil originating in self-love. 2220.

800011 and EGYPT (Rev. xi.) 3. two infernal loves, which are the love of dominion grounded in self-love, and the love of rule grounded in the pride of self-den intelligence. A. R. 502.

SODOM and Gouonnmr. S. s. the evil of self-love, and G. the false thence (lcr. 2220. See Cry.

SOJOURN, to, in the Werd s to be instructed, for this reason, beeause sojourning and migration, or procession from place to place in heaven is nothing else but change of state, wherefore, wheresoever departure, so- journing, and translation from place to place occur in the Word, nothin is thereby suggested to the angels than such a change of state, which