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BEA. 33

E B??? a (Isa. v. 10), s. the same as vine; namely, truth from good. Ap. x. .

BATS rep. those who are in the light of infatuation. A. R. 566.

BATTLE, dissension concerning truths and goods. A. E. 1003.

BATTLE AXE (Jer. Ii. 20) s. the Lord with respect to divine truth. A. C. 2547.

BE, to, in God, 5. the Lord’s presence. A. C. 10, 154.

BEAM (Gen. xix. 18; 2 Kings vi. 2, 5. 6; Hab. ii. 11 ; Matt. vii. 3, 5) s. the false of evil. Ap. Ex. 746. B. in the eye s. a great false from evil; and mote, or straw in the eye, 3. a lesser false from evil. Ap. Ex. 746. B. of a ship from the Isles of Kitthin (Ezek. xxviii. 6) s. the externals of worship: consequently, rituals which respect the class of things celestial. A. C. 1156. See Shadow of 0 Beam.

Beans and Pulse s. the less noble species of good. A. C. 3332.

BEAR or CARRY, to, is to contain in its own state. A. C. 9836.

BEAR or BRme FORTH, to, s. acknmvledgment. A. C. 3919.

BEAR FALSE WITNESS, to, s. lies and hypocritical artifices. U. T. 321.

BEAR Sms, to, is not to take them away. L. 15-17.

BEAR REREAVED of her WHELPS, a (Hosea xiii. 8), s. the power of evil from the false. Ap. Ex. 388.

Bear, a, s. power from the natural sense of the Word, as well amongst the evil as the good. Ap. Ex. 781.

Bears s. the natural sense of the Word separated from its spiritual sense. They who seperate them appear at a distance like b. in the spiritual world. A. R. 48, 573. White b., in the spiritual world, rep. the power of the spiritual natural man by the Word. Ap. Ex. 781.

BEARS and Doves. (Isa. lix. 11.) B. have relation to the natural man, and d. to the spiritual man. Ap. Ex. 781.

BEARS our or Tm: Woon (2 Kings ii. 24) s. power from the natural or literal sense of the Word. Ap. Ex. 781.

Beard s. the most external part or principle. A. C. 9806. In Lev.xx. 5, s. the ultimate of the rational man. Ap. Ex. 557.}}

BEARING OUR DISEASES AND CARRYING OUR SORRows (Isa. liii. 8, 4 does not mean that the faithful are to undergo no temptations, or that t e Lord took sin upon himself, and thereby removed it, but that, by temptation, combats, and victories, be con uered the hells, and thus alone, even as to his human. essence, endured t e temptations incident to the faithful. A. C. 1846.

BEARING INIQ UITIES, by the Lord’s, is meant dire temptations. He suffered the Jews to do unto him as they had done unto the Word. L. 15.,

BEAST. This expresion, in the original tongue, 5. properly life, or what is alive, but in the \Vord it not only 5. what is alive, but what is, as it were, not alive; wherefore, unless a person is acquainted with the internal sense of the “70rd, he sometimes cannot know what is s. A. C. 908. B. in the Word is often des. by these two words, fera, and bestia, sometimes only fera, and often fera terrae, or fera agri, and when it is said fera and bestia, then is s. the affection or love of false and evil; by feta, the. affection of the false, and by bestia, the love of evil; or in an Opp. sense, by fer-a, the love of truth, and by bestia, the afl'ection of

but when fera is mentioned alone, or when bestia is mentioned

alone, then by fera is understood the affection, as well of falses as of evil,