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KEttCK 1708 «3"1StK Xat3& h X, for Tosef. ib. IV, 7, read Tosef.'ib.'lVCV), 6, sq.

  • b& h X, Tosef. Par. VII (VI), 3, read :


  • '] ! IB&' , X m. Spanish. Tosef. Bets.

II, i, v. b^Mp. "pX h ^SD h X, add (Talk. Is. 291 bWiB'w b^aip). X'HIIF&^/br a door turning, read a bolt moving; — after from the ankle, add, opp. St"0">b upright bolt.

  • o h inc h x, v. tan oh.

&ip b, t3B' l X, delefrom-Pl, to note 4)

  • 1D^tibS h X, Midr. Till, to Ps.

LXXVIII, 52 ed. Bub., read: •jSTtll&iK, v. bis^s. "pbftDB/X, for bfi^Bbs, read ybrste. fip^X, ue/ore V. yaipix, ado" Koh. R. to IX, 10 [read:] KhJIp-'SH S^BS yiBn 'si they covered the faces of the statues with mats.

  • tfiXEbp h X, Tosef. Ohol. XIV, 3,

read : rrisap^K , v. rVBj^N.

  • Xtflp' , X, Kph. R.toIX, 10, read:

snjipis, v. 'ppix.

  • "p*l1j&p h X, Y.Shebi. VIII, 38 a top,

read I'hJ'tipN , v. 'pIl'TON. X* X, for in the hands of the dyer, read in the hands of the weaver. XD h TX, v. 616* oh. ^X, add Num. R. s. 9 = &■&% i3tt) two heings that are named ish (God and the husband). Wit, for adoration, read blessed- ness; — before Y. Succ. Ill, insert Num. R.s.H 19 TsjOlU' 1 bttJ l^lia"^ the blessed- ness of Israel; — add 3) firmness, energy. Num. R. 1. o. Asher is named Oi) ?5> YlTOiN: for his energy (in executing the law).

  • bist^X, v. Mssfc.
  • X"!rnih*, v. sarrcte.

"jt"l h X after normal condition, add or strength. Mekh.B'shall. s. 6, v. Slpifi ;— fflfier essential, strong, add; hard; old. Mekh. 1. c. Sot. 46 b ;— before— 3), mserf Gen. B. s. 98, end 'Nil ya from the presence of the (Egyptian) men of power.

  • xbix, v . ttanK ii.

T ; t* t : DX h t3S&5X, for aflvi'as, read av- fHat; /or Athnias read Anthias. JTl&iX, /or Ms. M. SOS&K, read Ms. M. Xlbax; — add [V., however, Triton.] T2i h nabX, add Midr. Till, to Ps. • t : v XVIII, 8 'X iDia various kinds of hail. nibX, add — 3) dVi^x authorized judges. B.Kam. 84 a ,sq. '=1 '^Sa 'X these cases require authorized judges (Ex. XXII, 7, sq.), and there are none (in Babylonia). J-lbX, for the second of October, read the fourth of October. tVtittbX T, for I Sam XX, 10, read I Sam. XXI.10. J^bXjfflo'n'— .K&issfes. Ex.R.s>.15*; a. e.

  • ^1SSl5X m. (dXXocpauffojv) talking

in delirium. Tanh. ed. Bub., Mikkets 15 (not 'pbBlbtf).

  • !"ibX, Nif.rbxi (b.h.) to be spoiled,

rotten (morally). Midr. Till, to Ps. LIII, 4 SiJBM '31 yiMSa d^rfjJO rotten within and rotten without (ed. Bub. 'pma 'SO d^DSaa SUTlS'W'bal rotten without, and full of wickedness within) ; Yalk.ib. 770 '21 &ifij&e (corr. ace). XlH^ >X, before B. Kam, insert Targ. IChr.'xi, 11. DbX, add Pi. d^N to tie up, close, v. dto I. ItttibX, for v. ^ofe, read v. &Ma.

  • h X?bX pr. n. m. IVay, v. ■"»>.

CtiSftX, /or Y. Kel. read Y. Kil. " r : -' '

  • f M2X, v. litSH^.
  • " I SX j ^TX pr. n. m. Ammi, Immi,

name of several Amoraim, esp. A. bar Nathan. Gitt. 44 a . Y. Sabb. Ill, 5 d bot. Y. Meg. Ill, 74 a bot, Snh.l7 b ; a. — Others: Y. Ned. X, 42 a bot.— Y. Meg. I, 71 c top, a.oth.; v. Er. M'bo, p.63 a sq. ; v. Jew. Encycl. s. v. Ammi.

  • ]*HX, Zeb. 40 b top, v. la;.
  • -Fl h /JX, v. nax.
  • iir) h 52X f- (v. nas) truth, reality.

Ex. R. s. 30 ' 9 'laifl riFi'iaN lax he stated the case as it really had happened. 1YD53X, cancel the entire article, and substitute TflSHX, v. "VMSa. ]/JX I, 6e/bre Ch. ^airi, add Taan. 8 a rfapha 'paNah who makes God the witness of his promise.

  • fq& v. )-q
  • "lttX I, dele b) to heap up, and d) to

contract, bargain, exchange.

  • I/£X, dele from lafe to 1^3.

biS^X, add [PerlesEt. St.,p.l06: Pers. amargir accountant]

  • 1' , bMX, v. pii^:*.
  • "plbl3X, Lam. E. to 1,14, read:

IDIDX, fflJd 2) (part. pass, of U)3N) oppressed, weak. Yalk.Is.336 'X U)13N'|a of weak man; (Pesik. E. s. 33 B1JK 'jal only).

  • D'Tl52 h 'OjX =bilai&3S, q. v. Treat.

Sof'rim ch. XIII, 6. X&^jX, add (h. form) S-I&1JI* f.; pi. nib^X. Targ. Cant. VI, 6 (not tift^lS). "j' , D h 3X, for Hall. II, 1 1, read Tosef. Hall. II, 11.

  • B"DX, v.n"p';>.

WX, add Y. B. Mets. X, end, 12 c &6ll) SaXli/read: bDS^ 6&SJ. ' " T •' KX, before— 3), insert B. Mets. 86 b b^N SW*ra (an ox) which has not been used for labor ; Kb^S kVo (a hen) which has not been used for hatching.

  • "£b&DX , Targ. Cant. IV, 12 'iO,

read: fiiVessa , q. v.

  • Xp r DX camel, v. snps;.
  • HpjX III f. (p3N) sigh, groaning.

Ex.E. Jl'521.

  • «baa&«, 'sx, 't? k x, 's^x i f.

(stabulum) 'stable'.— PI.' Qi.) nik^aabs, 'SK &c. Snh. 216; Num. R. s. 11' ; Sii're Num.42 nisbaba (corr. ace.).— (Chald.) S^aabS, 'SS; ■,11^11Bb t S. Targ. IlChr. XXXII, 28 (not 'VibS)!

  • ]T!bYltiCX, v.^aacsi.

Xi'jitiDX I, for Lev. R. s. 4, read Lev.R.'s. 3*.

  • XTiTti&X f. (iab) 1) V* 1 fi^ttpi*

diversion of justice, wresting judgment. Targ. Ez. IX, 9 (h. text Maa). Targ. Is. LVHI,9 (h.text hala).-2) sain nviibtf turning aside, removing guilt. lb. XXVII, 9. n^btipX, for a suite, read a suit. b&X, add— PI. nii6bx chairs. Midr. Till. to T ps. LXXXVII,ed. Bub. X5' l 15DX,/brGitt.69 a read Gitt.69 b .