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My third vojrage to the United States—Philadelphia transformed into a new Sidon—The same simplicity of manners—Mr. MacHenry, Secretary of War—M. Duportail—Moreau de Saint-Mdry—I meet my old friends again—triple partnership with Senator Morris at the head of it—Burke's prophecy—Plans proposed to me—Viscount Noailles—The Bishop of Autun—A mission to the Directory to claim an indemnity—Marino, the pastry-cook, and M. de Volney—The Princes of Orleans—An elephant with a French driver—A trip to New York—Colonel Hamilton—Past, present, and future of the United States—I meet the Chevalier de la C——— Our recollections of M. de la Fayette—His escape from the fortress of Olmutz—Dr. Bollman—My return to Europe and arrival at Hamburg.

I had fully expected that six years of peace and stability would have repaired the ravages done by the long war, and that those houses which threatened to fall in ruins would have been repaired, for during the war, want of resources prevented the State from undertaking anything, the needs of the army absorbing all the money