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left; go to Huninguen, Neufchatel, or Saint Claude. You will be sure to find a guide, some good fellow who will see you across the frontier; then you must avoid all the villages, only travel at nighty and as you have the happiness to be unknown, you can reach your ’papa's' house unperceived. Then keep yourself quiet, be wise and discreet; never speak about Coblentz or emigration, and await events."

"Ah, Monsieur de Talleyrand, how grateful I am to you. They were right in saying you are the cleverest man in the world. I will return home to papa; but if a second Revolution should occur, you may bet I will be on the side of the people."

"Take care not to do anything of the kind!" cried Monseigneur. "Take care not to do anything of the kind; next time you might make a mistake."

This last sentence contains quite a characteristic touch, and is the whole point of the anecdote.

The Bishop smiled when he heard of the establishment of the Directory; the dia-