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sieur Chasseboeuf de Volney had to make his exit from the shop of the best pastry-cook in Philadelphia,—without his paté.

I have mentioned that the Princes of Orleans[1] were to have been present at the dinner at which Marino's pate did not appear. They had been some time in the country;—they stayed in all about six months. Once, whilst on their way to visit a colonist who lived at some distance from the city, one of the brothers was lost in traversing a forest. He was found by an Indian, who tracked him as a sleuth-hound would have done.

After some time the Princes of Orleans went South to visit Louisiana, which then belonged to Spain. The Chevalier de Carondelet, who commanded for the King of Spain, received them at New Orleans with all the honours due to their rank; but, during their stay in the United States, no one, — except the French, who, whatever their political opinions might be, could not regard princes of the blood royal of

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