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" Yes, Citizen Prefect, I am M. de la Colombe, an éemigré rayé, from Hamburg, and I want my passport visé in order to return to France."

"M. de la Colombe," said the prefect, in a marked manner, that I ought to have noticed, and looking at me in a droll sort of way. "Please to take a chair, M. de la Colombe. Have I the honour of addressing M. de la Colombe? It is not long since M. de la Colombe left Hamburg. You only received the intimation of the removal of your name from the list a few days ago, I suppose, M. de la Colombe. We are delighted, M. de la Colombe, to be able to provide French émigrés with the means of returning to their mother country. M. de la Colombe wants his passport visé for Paris. I hope M. de la Colombe will not meet with any unpleasantness during his stay in the capital. I am glad to have had the honour of making your acquaintance, M. de la Colombe. I have the honour to wish you a pleasant and prosperous journey, M. de la Colombe.

It was "M. de la Colombe" all the time.