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those who bore the name of Bonaparte. Joseph la Brosse did not move a bit faster or slower, and did not say a word the more, in spite of the dazzling display of a complete assortment of stars, eagles, lions, elephants, and what-not, stuck over the pectoral region of the former King Jerome, but he sent to inform the King of Sweden that His Majesty the King of Westphalia was in the house, asking if he wished to see him.[1]

"The King of the second story," replied the prince, "is not anxious to meet the King of the ground floor, but the Queen is my cousin, and if she is in Trieste I should be very glad to see her."

After such august personages have figured in my recollections, I do not care to continue any longer.

The year 1814 arrived, when must perish "that man of fate whom God had appointed to punish the human race and torture the world. The justice of God had chosen this man to be the minister of its

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