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he was too soft-hearted, and having remonstrated with Junot for having burned a few villages and slaughtered the inhabitants, he was recalled from Parma, the seat of his last mission. Napoleon did not employ him again, and did not pay him his salary. Moreau de St. Mery sought an interview with the Emperor. "I do not expect you to recompense my honesty," he said, "only to recognize it Do not be afraid," he added sarcastically, "the disease is not contagious." Napoleon nevertheless allowed him to nearly starve, but, at the Restoration, Louis XVIII gave him 15,000 francs, and this enabled him to pay his few debts and pass the remainder of his days in comfort. He died 28th January, 1819, aged 69. The motto of his life, and to which he always acted up, was "Il est toujours l’heure de faire le bien."

Note N, page 184.

Louis Marie, Vicomte de Noailles (born 1756), fought in the War of Independence. Like many others of the "gilded youth" of France, he imbibed in America revolutionary notions which he carried back to France, and in the Revolution he was one of the most