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to let their beards grow "as a sign of their manly resolution"; and they were to be known as the Black Brotherhood. They were to meet at Trieste on a certain day. Apparently the people of Europe were disinclined to avail themselves of the privilege of a trip to Palestine in the company of a royal "crank," for no one answered this extraordinary advertisement, and Gustavus started off by himself,—but soon returned. He retired to Switzerland, where he lived in the greatest poverty, for he refused to receive any money from Sweden, and would have starved had not his divorced queen and children contrived without his knowledge to supply his wants. He died in 1837 in such obscurity that there are even doubts as to the place of his death. An English encyclopaedia says that he died at St. Gall in Switzerland;—a French one that he died in Moravia.

Note T, page 268.

Jerome Bonaparte, the youngest brother of Napoleon I, was born at Ajaccio, November, 1784, and died at Villegenis (Seine el Oise), 24th June, i860. He came to France at an early age, and, after a very little school-