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brave as you they would have succeeded, but they were cowards. Come back, sir; you run no risk, and your relations will soon take you out of prison. Besides, you haven't hurt anybody; it was the Marquis de Lā€”ā€” who wounded two of our men."

I listened quietly till they had finished, for I wanted to regain my breath. Then I replied,

"Go away! I don't want to hurt you, but I swear that I will never be taken alive. There are four of you, and I can rely on killing at least two." And with that I held out my pistol in one hand, and my knife in the other.

They looked at me a minute, and then one said,

"Good-bye. You are a brave young fellow. A pleasant journey, and good luck to you;" and they went away.

I also ran off, but without exactly knowing where I was going. The clang of the alarm bell, and the firing, had already caused rumours to be in circulation about me, and the name of the prisoner, and his bold escape, were known in Vaize.