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SUSAN COOLIDGITS POPULAR STORY BOOKS. SUSAN COOLIDGE has always possessed the affection of her young readers, for it seems as if she had the happy instinct of planning stories that each girl would like to act out in reality. The Critic. Susan Coolidge s books need no commending; they are as tempting as they are sweet and pure. She knows how to make attractive everything she touches < and good literature, good English, does not suffer at her hand-;, while the refine ment of tone and moral fibre are all that could be desired. The Literary World. Not even Miss Alcott apprehends child nature with finer sympathy, or pic tures its nobler traits with more skill. Boston Daily Advertiser, THE NEW YEAR S BARGAIN. A Christmas Story for Children. With Illustrations by ADDIE LIDYARD. i6mo. $1.25. WHAT KATY DID. A Story. With Illustrations by ADDIE LEDYARD. i6mo. $1.25. WHAT KATY DID AT SCHOOL. Peing more about " What Katy Did." With Illustrations. 161110. $1.25. MISCHIEF S THANKSGIVING, arH other Stories. With Illustrations by ADDIE LEDYARD. i6mo. $1.25. NINE LITTLE GOSLINGS. With Illustrations by J. A. MITCHELL. i6mo. $1.25 EYEBRIGHT. A Story. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.25. CROSS PATCH. With Illustrations. 161110. $1.25. A ROUND DOZEN. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.25. A LITTLE COUNTRY GIRL. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.25- WHAT KATY DID NEXT. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.25. CLOVER. A Sequel to the Katy Books. With Illustrations by JESSIE McDERMOTT. iGmo. $1.25. JUST SIXTEEN. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.25. IN THE HIGH VALLEY. With Illustrations. 161110. $1.25. A GUERNSEY LILY; or, How the Feud was Healed. A Story of the Channel Islands. Profusely Illustrated. i6mo. $1.25- Sold by all booksellers. Mailed, post-paid, on receipt of price, by