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LOUISA M. ALCOTT S WRITINGS. Miss Alcott is really a benefactor of households. H. II. Miss Alcott has a faculty of entering into the lives and feelings of children that is conspicuously wanting in most writers who address them ; and to this cause, to the consciousness among her readers that they are hearing about people like themselves, instead of abstract qualities labelled with names, the fipularity of her books is due. MRS. SARAH J. HALE. Dear Aunt Jo ! You are embalmed in the thoughts and loves of thou sands of little men arid women. EXCHANGE. Little Women ; or Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. With illustra tions. 161110 Hospital Sketches, and Camp and Fireside Stories. With illustrations. i6mo An Old-Fashioned Girl. With illustrations. i6mo Little Men: Life at Plmnfield wiih Jo s Boys. With illustrations. i6mo Jo s Boys and How they Turned Out. A sequel to lk Little Men. 1 With portrait of "Aunt Jo." i6mo Eight Cousins ; or, The Aunt-Hill. With illustrations. i6mo . Rose in Bloom. A sequel to " Eight Cousins." i6mo . . . Under the Lilacs. With illustra tions. i6mo Jack and Jill. A Village Story. With illustrations. i6mo . . . Work : A Story ( f Experience. With character illustrations by Sol Eytinge. i6mo Moods. A Novel. New edition, Devised and enlarged. i6mo / Modern Mephistopheles, and A. Whisper in the Dark. i6mo E iver Pitchers, and Indepen dence. A Centennial Love Story. i6mo Proverb Stories. New edition, re vised and enlarged. i6mo . . . Spinning-Wheel Stories. With illustrations. i6mo A Garland for Girls, and Other Stories. With illustrations. i6mo i 50 1.50 1.50 1.50 1-5 1-50 1.50 1-50 1.50 1.50 1.50 1-25 1-25 1-25 1.25 My Boys, &c. First volume of Aunt Jo s Scrap-Bag. i6mo . $1.00 Shawl-Straps- Second volume of Aunt Jo s Scrap- Bag. i6mo. . i.oo Cupid and Chow-Chow, &c. Third volume of Aunt Jo s Scrap- Bag. i6mo i.oo My Girls, &c. Fourth volume of Aunt Jo s Scrap-Bag. i6mo . . i.oo Jimmy s Cruise in the Pinafore, &c. Fifth volume of Aunt Jo s Scrap-Bag. i6mo i.oo An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiv ing, &c. Sixth volume of Aunt Jo s Scrap-Bag. 161110 .... i.oo Little Women. Illustrated. Em bellished with nearly 200 charac teristic illustrations from original designs drawn expressly for this edition of this noted American Classic. One small quarto, bound in cloth, with emblematic designs 2.50 Little Women Series Compris ing Little Women ; Little Men ; Eight Cousins ; Under the Lilacs; An Old-Fashioned Girl ; Jo s Boys ; Rose in Bloom ; Jack and Jill. 8 large 161110 volumes in a handsome box 12.00 Miss Alcott s novels in uniform bind ing in sets. Moods; Work Hos pital Sketches ; A Modern Mephis topheles, and A Whisper in the Dark. 4 volumes. i6mo . . . 6.00 Lulu s Library. Vols. I., II., 111. A collection of New Stories. i6mo i.oo These books are for sale at all bookstores, or will be mailed, post-paid, on receipt of price, to any address.