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in getting her customers, but I did n't say anything, and we sold out to the Widow Bates, who is a good soul with six children, and will profit by our efforts.

"Almiry bid me good-by with all the grim look gone out of her face, many thanks, and a hearty promise to write soon. That was in April. A week ago I got a short letter saying,—

"’Dear Friend,—You will be pleased to hear that I am married to Mr. Baxter, and shall remain here. He was away when the paper came with mother’s death, but as soon as he got home he wrote. I could n't make up my mind till I got home and see him. Now it's all right, and I am very happy. Many thanks for all you done for me and mother. I shall never forget it. My husband sends respects, and I remain

Yours gratefully,

Almira M. Baxter.'"

"That’s splendid! You did well, and next winter you can look up another sour spinster and cranky old lady and make them happy," said Anna, with the approving smile all loved to receive from her.

"My adventures are not a bit romantic, or even interesting, and yet I've been as busy as a bee all winter, and enjoyed my work very much," began Elizabeth, as the President gave her a nod.

"The plan I had in mind was to go and carry books and papers to the people in hospitals, as one of Mamma’s friends has done for years. I went once to the City Hospital with her, and it was very interesting, but