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Mr. Stanhope died April 4th, 1821: his widow survived him till Dec 16, 1850.

Their second son was the late John Spencer Stanhope, Esq., of Cannon Hall and Horsforth Hall, J.P., D.L., F.R.S., &c., who was born May 27th, 1787. He married Dec. 5th, T822, Elizabeth Wilhelmina, third daughter of Thomas William Coke, of Holkham Hall, Norfolk, in whom the Earldom of Leicester was revived in 1837.

Their third son, Edward, was born Oct. 30th, 1791, and died August 4th, 1866. He married Arabella, daughter of General John Calcraft of Cholderton, Hants., on the 9th of Sept., 1820, and left one son and two daughters. By Royal License he had assumed the name and arms of Collingwood in 1816, pursuant to the will of his great uncle, the Edward Collingwood mentioned above, who left him the Collingwood estates. On the death of his only son Edward, in 1868, the elder daughter Arabel, married to the Rev. Robert Gordon Calthrop, became possessed of the estates, and by Royal License dated April 3rd, 1868, they assumed the surname and arms of Collingwood only. The Collingwood estates are given in the 1873 "Domesday Book" as consisting of 5,407 acres with a rental of £5,421, this being exclusive of the estate of 1,200 acres in trust for the children.

William, the fourth son of the above Walter Stanhope, born Jan. 4th, 1793, assumed the name of Roddam only in 1806, on succeeding to the estates of his kinsman and godfather Admiral Roddam, of Roddam in Northumberland. He married, as his first wife, Sept., 1835, Charlotte, daughter of Henry Percy Pulleine, Esq., of Crakehall, by whom he had one daughter Charlotte Pulleine Roddam, married in 1S58 to John Craster, Esq., of Craster Tower, Northumberland. By his second wife, Selina Henrietta, daughter of John Cotes, Esq., of Woodcote, he left one daughter, Mary Selina. On Mr. Roddam's death, December, 1864, without male issue, the estates in Northumberland passed into a different family.

The fifth son, Charles, was many years Vicar of Weaverham in Cheshire, and fifty-two years non-resident Vicar of Cawthorne. He married Frederica Mary, daughter of the late Robert Philip