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Chap. I.





Chap. I.

How Rome doth yearly visit the American and Asian Kingdoms.

THE Policy, which for many years hath upheld the erring Church of Rome, hath clearly and manifestly been discovered by the many Errors which in several times by sundry Synods or General Councils, (which commonly are but Apes, of the Popes fancy, will, pleasure, and ambition) have been enacted into that Church. And for such purposes doth that man of Sin, and Antichristian Tyrant, keep constantly in Rome so many poor Pensionary Bishops as hounds at his Table smelling out his ambitious thoughts, with whom he fils the Synods, when he calls them, charging them never to leave off barking and wearying out the rest of the Prelates, until they have them all as a prey unto his proud and ambitious designs; from which if any of them dare to start, not only their Pensions be surely forfeited, but their