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Chap. II.
A New Survey

tion as Counterfeit Mates thruft hard to enter at the opened door, what Strife, Hatred, and Envy do they kindle even in the hearts of fuch -who have Vowed Poverty and the Con- tempt of Worldly Wealth ', I may add to what hath been ob- ferved above, that no Hatred is comparable to that whLh is between a Jefuite and a Fryer,or any other oí Romes Religious Orders * And above all yet, between a Jefuite, and a Do- minican. The Ambition and Pride of Jefuitesis ineonfi- ftent in a Kingdom or Common-wealth with any fuch as may be equal to them in Preaching, Counfel or Learning. Therefore fori ve they fo much for the Education of Gentle- mens Children in their Colleges, that by Teaching the Sons, the love of the Fathers and Mothers may be more eafily gained : and their love and good will thus gained, they may withal gain to themfelves whatfoever praife, honour, glo- ry may be fit to be beftowed upon any other Ecclefiaftical Perfon. Which Policy and Ambition in them being fo patent and known to all the World, hath ftirred up in all other Religions a Hatred to them unca pable ever of Recon- ciliation. This hath made them all to Confspire againil them, and to difcover their unfatisfied Covetoufnefs in be- guiling the rich Widows of what means bath been left them by their deceafed Husband, to Ere<ä and Build thofc irately Colleges beyond the Seas,- the fight whereof both outward and inward doth draw the Ignorant People to refort more to their Churches and Preaching then to any other. Thus whiles in Venice they got the favour of one of the chief Senators of that Common-wealth, they Politickly drew him to make his Will according to their will and píeafure, leaving to his Son and Heir no more then what they ihould think tit to afford him. Bat they appropriating to them- felves the chiefeft part of the young Heirs Means, and with fo proud a Legacy thinking to overpower all other Orders, were by them oppofed fo, that the Will was called for by the whole State and Senators of Venice, fully examined, and they commanded to refiore to the Heir the whole Eltate as enjoyed by his Father. Well did that wife Senate con- ceive, tlut as one Noble man had been Cheated by them of his