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Chap. III.
of the West-Indies.

of Christianism among the Heathens and Barbarians. O that this my discovery made to England of those dissembling and false Priests, would make us wise to know and discover under the ashes of their pretended Religion, the fire of strife and contention which they kindle in Kingdoms, and to rake up that Covetousness which we may easily find in them; tending to the ruine of many fair Estates, and to the Temporal and Spiritual danger of this our flourishing Kingdom !

Chap. III.

Shewing the manner of the Missions of Fryers and Jesuites to the India's.

ATLL the Kingdoms of America, that have been Conquered by the Kings of Spain, are divided as into several Temporal governments, so into several Spiritual jurisdictions, under the name of Provinces, belonging unto several Religious Orders, and their Provincials. These though so far distant from Europe, yet live with a dependency and subordination unto the Court of Rome, and are bound to send thither a strict account and relation of what most remarkable passages and successes happen there, as also what want of Preachers there is in every several Province. Which is to be perfomed in this manner. Every Religious Order (except the Jefsuits and Dominicans, whose General continueth till death, unless a Cardinals Cap be bestowed upon him) maketh election of one of the same Order to

be the head Ruler, or (as they call him) General over all those of the fame profession every sixth year. The subjects unto this General which are dispersed in Italy, Germany, Flanders, France, Spain, East and West India's, are divided into sundry Provinces, as in Spain there is one Province of Andaluzia, another of Castilia nueva, new Castile, another of Castilia vieia, old Castile another of Valencia, another of