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Chap. IV.
A New Survey

wrathful Father, the power of a furious Brother a Colonel, who (as now landed in England to search me out, and do me mischief) then, when Zephyrus with a pleasant gale seconded his Popish Zeal, might violently assault me. Well considered I the increased rout and rable of both their great friends the Jesuites, what with Court friends power, what with subtile Plots and Policies would soon and easily hunt me out of England. Lastly, well considered I my Melendez, his last inducing Argument of the increase of knowledge natural by the insight of rich America and flourishing Asia, and of knowledge Spiritual by a long contemplation of that new Planted Church, and of those Church Planters lives and Conventions. Wherefore after a whole nights strife and inward debate, as the glorious Planet began to banish nights dismal horror, rising with a bright and cheerful countenance, rose in my mind a firm and setled resolution to visit America and there to abide till such time as Death should surprise my angry Father, Ignatius Loiola his devoted Mec├Žanas, and till I might there gain out of Potosi or Sacatecas Treasure that might Counterpoise that Childs part which for detesting the four cornered Cap, and black Coat of Jesuites, my Father had deprived me of. So in recompence of the Supper which my friend Anthony had bestowed upon me, I gave him a most pleasant Breakfast by discovering unto him my purpose and resolution to accompany him in his long and Naval Journey. And at noon I Feasted him with a Dinner of one dish more then his Breakfast, to wit, the company also of my Irish friend Thomas De leon. After Dinner we both were presented to Calvo the bald pate Superior; who immediately imbraced us, promised to us many curtesies in the way, read unto us a Memorandum of what dainties he had provided for us, what varieties of Fish and Flesh: how many Sheep, how many Gammons of Bacon, how many fat Hens, how many Hogs, how many Barrels of white Bisket, how many Jars of Wine of Cassalla, what store of Rice, Figs, Olives, Capars, Raysins, Lemons, sweet and sowre Oranges, Pomgranets,

Comfits, Preserves, Conserves, and all sorts of Portugal sweet meats; he flattered us that he would make us Matters of Arts,