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Chap. IV.
A New Survey

no cost in Fish and Flesh that night, doubting not but that receiving four Prophets, he should receive a fourfold reward hereafter. Supper being ended, we were by Don Frederique his Gentlemen conveyed to the Cloister of the Minims appointed by Don Frederique to lodge us that night, who to shew their Brotherly love washed oar feet, and so recommended us to quiet and peaceable rest. The next morning after a stately Breakfast bestowed upon us by those poor Mendicant Friers, a Boat was prepared for us and Don Frederique his Gentlemen to wait on us, and to convey us to Cales Where we found out our fellow Apostles, and the Popes Commissary Frier Matthew de la Villa, who welcomed us with Romes Indulgences, a culpa & a pœna and with a flourshing Table (bred with Fish and Flesh for Dinner. There we continued in daily honour and estimation, enjoying the sights most pleasant which Cales both by Sea and Land could afford unto us, until the time of the Fleets departing. Which when it drew near, our grand Apostle Frier Matthew de la Villa whom we thought burned with Zeal of Martyrdom) took his leave of us ; shewihg us the Popes Commission to nominate in his place whom he listed, and naming bald Calvo for Superior, returning himself to Madrid with more desire to enjoy a Bishoprick in Spain (as we understood) then to sacrifice his life in Japan. His departure caused a mutiny amongst us, and cooled the spirit of two of our Missionaries, who privily fled from us. The rest were pleased with honest Calvo, for that he was a simple and ignorant old man, (whom they could more jeer than any way respect) more Scullion-like in dayly greazing his white habit with handling his fat Gammons of Bacon, then like a Popes Commissary; for his Masters Toe the proudest of our Missioners then would willingly have kissed; yet Calvoes greasie fists the humblest would loath to have kissed. Thus under a Sloven was that Apostolical Mission to be conveyed first to Mexico three thousand Spanish Leagues from Spain, and afterwards three thousand Leagues further from thence to Manilathe Metropolitan and Court City of the Islands of Phillippinas