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Chap. V.
A New Survey

to the fame pwrpofe, and goc a Letter from that father Mafter that was in England before with the Count of Gmdomar^ alias Frier Diego de U Fluente, then Provincial of foftilia, arad fent unto me, wherein that Superior offered me many kind offers of preferment, if I would, defift from my Journey, and. re- turn to him to Cafiilia : but hone of thefe Letters could pre- vail with me ; nor the Governors fearching flop me , for immediately I was conveyed alone to our Ship, and there clofely hid a in Barrel that was emptied of Bisket to that pur- pofe; fo that when the Governor came a Ship-board to enquire for an Englijh man, Frier Calvo having the father of liersin my (lead about him, refolutely denied me, who could not befound, becaufe not fought for in a Barrels belly. This found our Apoftles fport and talk that firft day. Then went out the Ships one by one crying, A diosy A dies> and the Town replying Buen viaei, Buen viaei; when all were out and no hopes of enjoying more Cales pleafures and liberty* then begaa my young Friers to wiili themfclves again a Land, íome began prefently to feed the Fiihes with their Nunsfweet dainties; others to wonder at the number ©f flately Ships, which with eight Galeons that went to convey us beyond the Hands of Canaria, were forty one in all ; fome for one Port of the Indian and fome for another. To Puerto Sica went that year two Ships; to Santo Domingo three, to Jamaica two, to UttargarUa one, to the Havana two, tó Cartagena three, to Campeche two, to Honduras and TruxiBo two, and to St. John de Vlhna, or Vera Crux fixteen ; all Laden with Wines, Figs, Raifins, Olives, Oyle, Cloth, Carfies, Linnen, Iron, and Qgick-filverfor the Mines, to fetch out the pure Silver ot Sac atecas from the earthen drofs from whence ic is digged. The perfons of mpft note that went that year was firft the Marquéis de Sjralvo with his Lady,who went for Viceroy of tMexico, in ftead of the Con* de Q elves then retired to a Cloifter for fear of the common people, who the year before had niutined agaiaft him; this Marquefswcntin the Ship called St.Andrew> and with him in che fame Ship went Don Margin de Carrillo* Prieft, and Inquifuorof the Inquifuion of faBadolid ¡ who was fent for ' ~ fifíié