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A Table of the Chapters of this Book, with the Contents of the most Remarkable Passages in them.


How Rome doth yearly visit the American and Asian Kingdoms. Pag. I.


The Popes policy in maintaining constantly some poor Pensionary Bishops in Rome. pag. 2

Without great sums of Money and new Purple clothing given to the Cardinals, Saints are not Canonized at Rome 3

Monies sent out of England to Rome, for Indulgencies to be granted to private Altars in Papists private chambers, 4

More power granted to the Kings of Spain over the Clergy in the West- India's then to other Primes in Europe, upon condition that they maintain there the Popes authority, and Priests to preach, 5

The Jesuites challenge from Francis Xaverius the Preaching of the Gospel as due only to them ibid.

Missions of Preists, Fryers, or Jesuites, are yearly sent at the King of Spain his charge to the India's. 6


Shewing that Indians wealthy under a pretence of theirCon-