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Chap. V.
A New Survey

34 J New Survey Chap. V. were of the Royal Peer. Here ir was worth noting to hear the fighs cf many of our Indian Apoftles, wifhing they mighc return again in any of thofe Galeons to Spain ; their Zeal was now cold, and fome endeavoured many ways for Calvo his Licence to return (which could not be granted) others im- ployed tíiernfelves moft of that ¿ay in writing Letters to thei r friends, and Sifters in Cales. Thus Dinner being ended 9 and the two Admirals folemnly taking their leaves, the warning piece being (hot off for the Galeons to joyne together^ and turn their couric to Spain, we bad mutual adieu, crying one to another Baen Viaie, Buen pajfage, we kept our courfe towards America, failing before the wind conftantly till we came to America ; A thing worth noting in that Voyage from Spain to the Indies ; that after the Iflai^ds of Canaria are once left, there is one conftant winde, continuing to America fhil the fame without any oppofirion or contrariety of other tfindes; and this fo profperous and full on the fails, that did irblow conftantly, and were it not interrupted with many calms, doubtlefs the Voyage might be ended in a month or lefs. But fuch were the calms that many times we had, that " we got not to the fight of any land till the twentieth day of Augujl : fo that near fix weeks we failed as on a River of freih water, much delighting and {porting our felves in Fiihing, many forts of Fifties, but efpecia'ly one, which by the Spaniards is called Dorado, the golden Fifh, for the skin and fcalesof it that glitter like Gold ; of this fort we found inch abundance, that no fooner was the hook with any fmall bait caft into the Sea, then prefently the Dorado, was caught, fo that we took them many times for pleafure, and caft them again into the Sea, being a Fifo fitter to be eaten freih then ialted. Many were the Feafts and fpoyts uied in the Ships, tillwedifcovered the firft Land, or Ifland called Ditfeada* The laft day of July (being according to the Jeiuites Order, end Romes appointment, the day of Ignatius their Patron and founder of their Religion) the gallant Ship called S.Gertrudü (wherein went thirty Jeiuites) for theirs and their Saints fake made to all the reft of the Fleer a moft gallant fhew, fhe be- ing trimmed round about with white Linnen, her flags and top