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The Contents.

A Fryer for defending the poor Indians of Nicoya lost two fingers which were cut off by the Alcalde Maior, 435, 436

The Author forced to drinks his own Urine, and lost, and like to perish in an unknown Island, and afterwards upon a Rock. 437, 438

Some particulars of the City of Panama, 442, 443

The River of Chiagre very shallow in many places, without some great rain cause the water to fall into it from the mountains, 444

Some particulars of Portobello, during the time that the Spanish Fleet stayeth there, 445

The Papsits Bread, God, or Sacrament eaten and gnawn by a Mousé in Portobello; with a Fast in bread and water for that contempt done unto their God, 447, 449

The Spaniards fear of the English that then inhabited the Island called Providence, 451

Some English Prisoners at Carthagena, with one Captain Rouse, who at Havana challenged some Spaniards into the field, who had abused him, 453 From the whole Spanish Fleet, one gallantly taken away, worth fourscore tbousand Ducats, by two Holland or English ships not well known upon the Coast of Havana, 455

The manner of the Dominicans habit, with the meaning of it, 460

An Introduction to the Indian tongue, 465

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