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the passion it was meant to chill. The favours of the marchioness had hitherto been sought with avidity, and accepted with raptureĀ ; and the repulsive insensibility which she now experienced, roused all her pride, and called into action every refinement of coquetry. It was about this period that Vincent was seized with a disorder which increased so rapidly, as in a short time to assume the most alarming appearance. Despairing of life, he desired that a messenger might be dispatched to inform the marquis of his situation, and to signify his earnest wish to see him before he died. The progress of his disorder defied every art of medicine, and his visible distress of mind seemed to accelerate his fate. Perceiving his last hour approaching, he requested to have a confessor. The confessor was shut up with him a considerable time, and he had already received extreme unction, when madame de Menon was summoned to his bed side. The hand of death