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advantage; I expect only a remarkable man would have thought of it. And presently Herschel showed much more clearly how remarkable he was. He became interested in the making of mirrors almost by accident; but once started, he went on from one success to another. I have compared making a big mirror to getting 100 runs; and it required quite as much watchful care on Herschel's part. Caroline Herschel. His innings at polishing went on for long hours sometimes twelve hours at a stretch, with no intervals for meals. All the food he got was put into his mouth by his sister Caroline, while he still went on polishing. She was a splendid sister to him took down notes of what he saw through his telescopes when he had made them, and wrote them out neatly for publication; and when he was not using his telescopes, Caroline would use them herself, and she found several comets in that way. William Herschel worked very hard, but Caroline worked just as hard in helping him; and whenever the brother is mentioned with honour, I think the sister ought to be mentioned also. The greatest thing William Herschel did was to discover the planet which we now call Uranus, though he himself wished it called Georgium Sidus, after King George III, who had given him much encouragement. Other people wanted it called