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[The personal name of every author, editor, etc., at the head of a title is printed in large clarendon capitals; after which are added in italics, when available, (1) the family name {local or tribal), and (2) the name of the father of the author, editor, etc., to which is appended the abbreviation -pu (i.e -putrudu, "son"). Words enclosed in square brackets are added by the compiler. Titles or other additions are included in parentheses when taken from some source other than the main title-page; thus the parenthesis when alone denotes that the words within it are from a second or half title-page or a heading, a dagger in the parenthesis that they are from some other place within the book. Omission of words at the beginning of a title is indicated by three small circles, omission in the middle of a title by three dots.]

ABBA RAZU. See Abbata Mantki.

ABBAYA MANTRI, Kanuparti Rdyana-pu°. 5'S- TT'asiD'^ijTS'osi^Sxx) . . . "^T" ?^ J3 ^ Sn> S' K ?3 o 3^ ^ jCT" S ro ?^ "^-js'oeS'l^eS^g^^g'iS'rasSu. [Nai'ada-Pururavas-sam- vadarau. An exposition of Vedantic tlieolog-y, in the form of a dialogue between the divine sage Narada and the legendary king Puriiravas, forming part of asvdsa 1 in Abbaya's poem Kavi- raja-mano-ranjanamu.] pp. 12. nosS [Madras ? 1803.] 8°. 14174. k. 38.(1.)

ABBAYI NAYUDU, P., of Arcnt Mission College. Selections in Telugu Poetry, for the use of Lower Secondary Classes, with notes. New edition. pp.51. Madras, ^Q2. 12°. 14174.1.16.

ABHAYADA. o o o t5?»i-cSoJJcsb,^^^,5'^ ^^s&o. [Abhayada-prasna-sastramu. A Sanskrit tract on fortune-telling by means of dice marked t?, ■?", ciS), and ^. With Telugu interpretation b^^ Aluru Ekamra Jyotishkudu.] pp. 30. no-£_o _Madras, I860.] 16°. 14053. a. 1. O O O cJ^

ABHIDHANA. s&A'e) ej^Tp'^JJeJ^s&^e). [Abhidhana-ratna-mala, or Shad-rasa-nighantu. A Sanskrit dictionary of materia medica. With Telugu interpretation.] pp. ix. 62. Madras, nT'S-r, [1881.] 8°. 14043. c. 32.

The official Catalogue of Bootes printed in the second quarter of. 1881, jp. 38, gives as translator Vdvilla Bilma-svami Sdstri, the publisher.


ABHINAVA-GUPTA. See Pahamartha. 53'?^^- ■jiroCsco. [Paramartha-saramu. 79 verses, adapted from the work of the same name by Abhinava- gupta.] 1907. 8°. 14048. c. 23.(2.)




University of Madras.

See Bhaskaeud0, Ethical Poet. An English Trans- lation of the . . . Bhaskarasathakam . . . The . . . Matriculation test-book for 1881. ISSl. 12^ 14174. k. 2.(2.)

See Bhava-bhuti. Uttara Rama charitram . . . (First in Arts Examination, 1890.) 1889. 8". 14174. h. 14