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11. SELECT SUBJECT-INDEX. Tlie classification in this Index is as follows : — ■ Arts and Sciences. 1 . Agi-iculture and Botany. 2. Astronomy and Astrology. 3. Farriery and Veterinary Science. 4. Mathematics. 5. Medicine, Physiology, Surgery, and Hy- giene. 6. Music and Actor's Art. 7. Occult Arts, Divination, Magic, etc. 8. Physical Sciences and Natural History. 9. Other Arts and Sciences. Bibliography, Literary History, and Criticism. Caste, ETHNOGRAPny, and Folklore. Education. 1. Works on Telugu Grammar and Ortho- graphy. 2. Grammars of other Languages. 3. Primers and Reading-books of Telugu. 4. Primers and Reading-books of other Languages. 5. Dictionaries, Vocabularies, and Phrase- books of Telugu. 6. Dictionaries, Vocabularies, and Phrase- books of other Languages. 7. Guides to Essay-writing. 8. Geogi-aphy. 9. Prosody (Chhandassu) and Stylistic {Alan- kdramu). 10. Annotations upon Texts. U. Pedagogy. Ethics, Fables, and Polity (in Prose). I'lCTioN and Secular Legend (in Prose). History. 1. General History. 2. I'iograpliics. 3. Archteology. Law and Administration. 1. British Law. 2. Hindu Law. Miscellanies, Collections, and Literary Periodicals. Philology. Philosophy and Theology. 1. Upanishads. 2. Advaita, Vaishnava, and Saiva Systems. 3. Miscellaneous. Poetry and Drama. 1. Anthologies and Works of Mixed Contents. 2. Dramas and Recitative Poetical Tales (Yaksha-gdnas, etc.). 3. Ethical Poetry. 4. Heroic, Historical, Romantic, Erotic, and Panegyric Poems and Champus. 5. Religious and Philosophic Poems and Champus of Doctrine, Devotion, and Narrative. (i.) Christian, (ii.) Hindu. Politics and Society. Proverbs and Adages. Religion. 1. Christianity. (i.) Bible, Works on Doctrine, and Tracts, (ii.) Liturgies and Manuals. 2. Hinduism. (i.) AVorks on Doctrine and Legend (in Prose), (ii.) Liturgies and ISIanuals. (iii.) Miscellaneous. 3. Bnlhma and Prarthanu SaniiTj. 4. Jainism. Topography and Travels.