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37 BIBLE BIBLE 38 BIBLE (continued). _Marh^, (The Gospel of Mark. ^iv!^h-^^(^'^- K>&:^ ^^sS's-ssj'^sSio.) [Published by the com- mittee formed in 1835.] pp. 64. Madras Auxi- liary Bible Society: ilission Press : Bellarij, 1S40. 8°. Without title-page. 3068. b. 18. St. Mark's Gospel. s&n.&Jj- ^^P'^ iiosr'eS^. pp. 121. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : American Mission Press: Madras, IS^Sl. 12°. 3070. a. 6. The text is that of the 1860 edition of the N. T. The Gospel of Mark. Tcliigu. ^!i>h- •^sjT^. pp. 87. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : 8.P.C.K. Press: Vepery {Madras), 1908. 32°. 14174. a. 42. The text is that of the 1904 Bible. [Lw/rc] (A new Telugu version [by C. P. Brown] of the Gospel according to St. Luke. ew^-r' ^ef,^^c!£i?oS^^-^(Jj-^*)$'?5ss>»iJ^JJo.) pp. 60. [Madras Auxiliary Bible Society: Madras?] 1838. 8°. 3068. f. 3. Without title-page. The first page of every sheet bears at its foot the words " C. P. Brown's Telugu Version. 1838." (The Gospel of Luke. eM-=-g^^ef,^^cso?ofi^ i#o!frss'^5S3^pj'c^3.) [Published by the committee formed in 1835.] pp. 109. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society: Mission Press : Bellary, l8io. 8°. Without title-page. 3068. b. 14. The Gospel by Luke, wr'^e^i^^cj&crofi^ ?So^55'e?E-sSj^(5'5&). pp. 239. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : American Mission Press : Madras, 1 854. 16°. 3068. a. 29. St. Luke's Gospel. ew-«-s-» (^%'^ -^s3^«Je-. pp. 239. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : American Mission Press: Madras, 1861. 16°. 3070. a. 5. The text is that of the 1860 N.T. Diglott edition [in English and Telugu]. The Gospel of Luke, e^^^^^;^^ -^sr-^. pp.L34, 134. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society: Christian Knoivledije Society's Press : Madras, 1884. 16°. 3068. a. 52. The cover bears date 1885. The text is that of the 1884 Bible. _Jolin.] (The Gospel according to St. John [in English and Telugu, in parallel columns], a^rcsj^- (5i^efiJcr°|CS6"0fS(5' ,S.^^^5■c■3i^^V=l'5i^^ '^?;r5S'eS^E-55a-=^S&.) pp. 121. [American Mission Press? il/ac^ras.? 1844 ?] 12°. TTr-,7 . JU7 3068. aaa. 34. Without title-page. """"• o"**- w^. BIBLE (continued). [John.] (continued). St. John's Gospel. s>^^;S3 (^pi^ixoy^^. pp. 170. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society: American Mission Press : Madras, 18G1. 16°. 3070. a. 7. The text is that of the 1860 N.T. Acts. Acts of the Apostles. ei)^_^ewe) -s-' ?5'§c-si:s». pp. 193. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society: American, Mission Press: Madras, &Q. 16°. 3070. a. 8. The text is that of the 1860 N.T. See Cain (J.). A Key to the Acts of the Apostles, 1909. 12°. 14174. a. 50. APPENDIX. See Chamberlain (J.). g^Sew . . . p^otw ... A Telugu Bible Dictionary. 1906, etc. 8°. 14174. bbb. 5. See De Puy (J. N.) and Travis (J. B.). Studies iu Biblical Facts and History, etc. 1908. 12°. 14174. a. 46. Bible Dictionary. ;3er§^«^ ^^oto. pp. 326. S.P.C.K. Press : Vepery [Madras), 1889. 12°. 14174. b. 20. p^^:^ proo^^ (£,c^;$M«'^p sifiKi. New Testament Stories. [Translated into Telugu by J. E. Sharkey.] pp. 90. South India Christian School Book Society : Aincrican Mission Press : Madras, 1860. 16°. 14174. a. 1. 73eJ§^5J^of.lJ ffeT'^S? [Satya-veda-sangita-ratna- vali. A series of Catholic hymns to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints, preceded by two poems on the Gospel story of the Nativity and childhood of Jesus (Suvisesha-patalu), viz. Gabriyel-natakamu and Nagarettu-natakamu. Second edition.] pp. i. 290, x. Catholic Mission Press: Bellary, 1906. 8°. 14174. bb. 18. Scripture Truths in Scripture Language. [Selected by Mnjor Haig. Translated into Telugu by J. Hay.] •^^p^x;;0?^r§^5:-oew. (V. T. & B. S. No. 21.) Third edition, pp.18. London Mission Press: Viaagapatam, 18b9. 16°. 14174. a. 4.(2.) Summary of the Bible. "^s3•sJ^r*§5i7§5'so^X^sr>sixl. pp. 16. 1838. ^'ee Bellauy.— Bellary Tract Society. [Tracts.] no. 21(a). 1835-1838. 12°. 14174. a. 37.(1.)